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About me CA Tharendra Lunia is independent writer. He has completed his chartered accountancy in November 2011 and has enrolled for CFA® Level III 2017 Exam after passing Level II in 2014. He is presently working as Financial Analyst in Amazon India. He has also worked at Renault Nissan Automotive and Aditya Birla Group. He has been regularly sharing his work in his blog He also co-founded Discussion CafĂ©, a forum for various streams and Research Wings, independent financial content provider. The Beginning In the beginning of 2011, during the classes of strategic financial management of Chartered Accountant Finals, we were given live demonstration of stock markets in addition to what was there in our text books. During that session, I came to see that State Bank of India Futures was trading below State Bank of India cash market price, just after few minutes futures were trading above cash markets. Looking at this scenario, my curiosity started growing towards un…